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The rebirth of a legend

Icewind Dale Reborn by Drizzt Do'Urden
From the ashes of the past comes a new beginning. The legend that was IWD is born again. Can the spirit of that irascible old site be rebuilt or will it fall back into myth?

If you can contact any of the old members then please try to get them hold of them. It will be good to catch up with a number of them. New members also very much welcome.

Please note that this forum is a work in progress and that more areas may be added over time if there's enough requirement. (If anyone remembers the original layout please contact the admin).


Rules by Drizzt Do'Urden

1. Accounts

Only one account is allowed per person unless expressly authorised by the Administrator. Unauthorised multi-accounts will be deleted and the main account may be banned/deleted.

2. Staff

The Administrator may appoint various members to staff positions for the purpose of the smooth running of the board. Of these, administrators will deal with the general running of the board and its members whilst moderators will deal with the day-to-day stuff.

If you have a problem you should first bring it to the attention of one of the moderators. If you are displeased with how that moderator deals with the problem you should try another moderator - make sure to make them aware of the first moderator's actions. If the second moderator fails to resolve your problem then you may contact an administrator - again, make them aware of who has been dealing with your problem and their actions.

If the administrator deems the problem frivilous or unsolvable then there is no other recourse and you will have to abide by their decision. The administration's decision is final.

3. Creating Topics

Topics should be created in the correct area. If you are unsure of where a topic should be placed (for example, where its contents may span more than one area's description) you should create it in the area you feel is probably best suited but include a disclaimer at the top of your post asking for a moderator to check if they think it's in the right place and to move it if it isn't.

4. Posting

The board follows a roughly PG-13 guideline. Posting should be relevant to the topic at hand and shouldn't allow the thread to be dragged "off topic". Such posts may be deleted. If you want to take the thread in a different direction create a new topic instead.

Frivolous posts will be deleted, as will abusive or similar ones. Below is a list of things that should be avoided and will be moderated to various degrees:

Breaking injunctions (see rule 5 for further information)
Flaming, name-calling or similar
Illegal acts
Incitement to commit illegal acts
Leet (1337) speak, or similar languages
Links to unsavoury sites
Pornographic material
Spoilers (you must use the SPOILER tag for these)
X-rated images or links to such images

More items may be added to the above list as and when necessary. Some areas may have their own rules on posting which will be posted both here and in the relevant section.

5. Role Playing Area

OOC/IC topics:

RPGs should have both an OOC (Out of Character) and IC (In Character) thread and you should keep each thread relevant to these.

Looking for a DM/RPG:

If you are looking for an RPG to participate in there is a topic for this. Don't start a new one (unless it is the OOC topic itself) but use this. Similarly, there is a topic for people to seek a DM to run a game for you.

Other People's Characters:

Role playing sometimes requires you to "borrow" somebody else's character. You should always gain the permission of the player whose character you are "borrowing", or speak to your DM/GM if needs be. You should always try to keep "borrowing" to a minimum.

Dungeon Masters:

Dungeon Masters are the ones in charge of their RPGs so if you have any problems you should see them first. Basically, with respect to their own RPGs, their word is law and it's up to them who participates in their RPGs and who doesn't. In other words, DMs are moderators within their own topics.

Dungeon Masters are not allowed to moderate other Dungeon Masters' topics/games unless agreed upon beforehand between the two Dungeon Masters. Any such agreement should be posted in the OOC thread so that everybody knows everything is above board. Otherwise, any interference without such notification may be dealt with incorrectly.

To be continued...



Marty Lord of the Dale
Drizzt Do'Urden Lord of the Dale



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